Why Data Matters Series: How Understanding Assessment Data Can Transform Your School


Quality educational assessments not only capture data on learning and achievement but also are fundamentally changing the way teachers teach, students learn, and parents engage in classrooms around the world. They provide essential information to guide genuine education reform and improvement and allow us to fairly hold ourselves accountable for providing students with the quality education required to compete and thrive in their local community and in the world economy.

Administering all the assessments in the world does no good if they do not measure what was intended or yield meaningful reports, or if the data are misinterpreted and erroneously point our schools in the wrong direction. To make sure we have support for our learning, there is a wealth of instruction and professional development out there to support our data literacy, as well as assessment literacy. Like learning any new subject, understanding how to accurately collect data and properly interpret test results can be daunting at first, but is well worth the effort.

This “Why Data Matters” blog series will help you to build your plan and understand why data mastery is essential to success as teachers, administrators, and educational leaders. You’ll learn the various uses of data in education and receive a wealth of resources for continuing down the path of mastery.


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