The New Acuity® College and Career Readiness (CCR) Interim Assessment Solution for Grades 3-8

School children using laptop with teacher in the classroomAre you looking for the most accurate adaptive testing technique? The new Acuity CCR adaptive assessments for Grades- 3-8 can help you enrich and personalize instruction with valid and reliable diagnostic insights. With all new test items specifically created to measure preparedness for new college and career readiness standards, Acuity CCR is the first interim assessment solution to reflect the unique, individual blueprints of both Smarter Balanced™ and PARCC® summative assessments.

With its rich diagnostic insights, Acuity CCR enables educators to deliver a personalized intervention plan for each student with engaging, digital standards-based instructional resources. The Acuity CCR solution includes several innovative approaches to interim assessments, combining a unique blend of technology and content to create the most powerful solution for college and career readiness:

  • All new items, written to the college and career readiness standards, and the item specifications for both Smarter Balanced and PARCC
  • Technology-enhanced item types – created in HTML 5 for delivery on modern devices and tablets – that provide evidence of student mastery of college and career readiness standards
  • Constructed-response, evidence-based selected response, and performance task item types that fully measure standards where multiple choice items cannot
  • An  adaptive testing option set to launch in the 2014/2015 school year

The Acuity CCR solution’s growth measurement is unique among interim solutions in that it is designed to ensure educators get the right evidence to make the best decisions at the student, class, school, and district levels.

In the first year, Acuity CCR will let educators reliably measure individual student growth between interim tests. In subsequent years, Acuity will empower teachers to compare students’ growth year-to-year. . The high quality content included in the solution possesses the variety, rigor and authentic standards alignment needed to prepare students for college and career.

Learn more about the Acuity CCR assessment solution for PARCC® and Smarter Balanced™ member states by registering for a webinar today!

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