TerraNova, Third Edition with Inview Delivers G&T Results

Screen Shot 2014-09-10 at 9.09.16 AMDo You Know the Proven Power of TerraNova, Third Edition Combined with InView?

McGraw-Hill Education CTB’s TerraNova®, Third Edition is the perfect solution for Gifted and Talented program screening. TerraNova 3 adds rigor to your testing program, giving the educator the confidence knowing their students are appropriately placed in the Gifted and Talented program. With TerraNova 3 students are required to think strategically by drawing conclusions, understanding context, hypothesizing, and problem solving. 

InView® tests present students with innovative items that assess skills such as understanding verbal and quantitative concepts and analyzing and comprehending relationships between verbal and nonverbal stimuli. When pairing TerraNova 3 with InView you receive anticipated achievement scores—i.e. actual and expected scores for individual students and groups—providing information for identification of both Superior Academic Achievement and Superior Academic Ability. You can compare students’ achievement with that of other students of the same age, grade, and ability. 

TerraNova 3 continues a tradition of stability and reliability, which is why TerraNova is the most widely used assessment in the country. InView is an innovative cognitive-abilities assessment that comprises five tests that reliably measure skills and abilities important for academic success.

TerraNova 3 with InView adds value to your Gifted and Talented testing program by:

  • Featuring 2012 norms based on a national, empirical study
  • Delivering flexible and approved test solutions with your choice of Common Core, Multiple Assessments, Complete Battery, and Survey editions
  • Combining selected-response and constructed-response in the same test — TerraNova 3 is the only K–12 stand
  • Starring the fastest scoring turnaround in the industry: Get your results in paper reports within 5 days or access results online with the CTB Online Reporting System even sooner
  • Measuring student’s academic growth with pre and post testing during the school year
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