OECD Test for Schools in the News

McGraw-Hill Education CTB is the accredited administrator for the OECD Test for Schools, a benchmarking tool that allows schools to gauge their students’ performance against international college and workforce readiness standards. The test is designed to measure aspects of the school rather than the progress of specific students, thereby allowing schools and educators to more effectively shape local policy and learning outcome targets. The hope is to get a representative sample of the entire school body. The exam asks students to apply critical skills and real-life reading skills to real life situations.

The results of the OECD Test for Schools provide schools with unique insights into student performance in reading, science, and mathematics relative to international results from the Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA), and schools will receive their school reports later this month.

“As the only benchmark assessment that allows schools to measure their performance against international PISA results, the OECD Test for Schools provides a critically important tool in improving college and career readiness nationwide,” said Ellen Haley, president of CTB. “We are incredibly proud to be responsible for administering the OECD Test for Schools in the United States, and we look forward to continuing to work with the OECD to shape and monitor students’ preparedness for our globally competitive society.”

A recent segment on PBS NewsHour takes a closer at the OECD test and how it may help American students compete more successfully in an increasingly global economy.

For more information, go to CTB.com/OECDTestforSchools.

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