New Insight 360 Integration with the Acuity InFormative Assessment Solution

Turning Technologies, the global leader in the student response technology industry, recently announced a new integration between Insight 360™ and the Acuity® InFormative Assessment™ solution, a comprehensive K–12 Common Core assessment and supplemental instruction solution. The integration is available on the latest Insight 360 update, allowing educators to quickly review student assessment results and make informed, actionable decisions on instructional focus.

“Acuity is an exceptional tool to make fast, data-informed instructional decisions on what concepts students comprehend or struggle to understand,” said Turning Technologies’ CEO Mike Broderick. “The direct integration between Insight 360 and Acuity reflects Turning Technologies’ continued commitment to both teachers and students in building strong, pedagogically-sound assessment solutions that enhance the classroom environment and improve learning outcomes.”

The award-winning Acuity InFormative Assessment solution from CTB/McGraw-Hill immediately impacts student achievement with seamless integration through innovative student response devices. Acuity assessments are aligned with the Common Core State Standards, supporting district and school instructional improvement goals with valid, reliable assessment data. Since its release, Acuity has been deployed in thousands of schools and helped millions of students. Acuity’s integration with student response technology provides teachers the flexibility to obtain instant knowledge of student performance at the point of instruction.

Insight 360 is the first completely mobile classroom instruction system to administer and simplify content planning, delivery and real-time assessment. The system leverages existing content, teaching methodologies, and classroom technology to provide greater interaction between educators and individual students for a more-personalized learning experience. Insight 360 is designed to support the latest technology used in education, such as the iPad® or web-enabled devices and provide educators with the flexibility to manage their desktop, open files, launch assessments, annotate content, or review reports from anywhere in the classroom

“We recognize Insight 360 as an innovative tool to enhance the classroom environment with seamless content and assessment delivery from various platforms,” said Holly Bremerkamp, Acuity Product Manager. “Combined with Acuity, both students and teachers are more engaged in the assessment process. The immediate impact on engagement contributes to improved achievement that benefits everyone involved.”

For more information about the award-winning Acuity InFormative Assessment solution, visit or call 800.538.9547 to schedule a live presentation.

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