For many months now, we’ve been sharing information and resources to help gear everyone up for the implementation of the Common Core State Standards. These standards have become fodder for many debates over educational standards, changes, and resources (or lack thereof) in this country. No matter what side you stand on, the reality is: It’s January 2014, and the Common Core is here.

Are you ready?

At CTB/McGraw-Hill, it’s important that we continue to be a place that administrators, educators, and even students and parents, can turn to for easy to understand resources and guidance.   Our timeline, is a great place to gather information on the progress your district or school should be making as far as implementation. Our free eGuide also delivers a clear roadmap for schools to effectively and smoothly shift to the Common Core standards and assessments. The step-by-step guide includes top educational resources, information, and tools geared towards helping educators transition with confidence and ease.

No matter what your  personal resolutions are for 2014, we can all agree that helping students succeed is important. Below are some straight forward details about what everyone, including teachers and students, needs to know about the Common Core State Standards.  Let us be your guide!

Infographic parts_Pt1Infographic parts_Pt6


Infographic parts_Pt2

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