The acceptance of a new set of standards that is meant to strengthen our education system and create a better path for college readiness and career success is on the rise.  There are still a lot of questions about the Common Core, which is why we’ve created a set of free resources to help explain what everyone needs to know.  We also encourage you to watch this webinar, which answers some of the most critical questions about the Common Core and what it means to “unpack the standards.”

Topics include:

* Why do we need to unpack the standards, and what do the standards actually say?

* How do we unpack the standards?

* What are the differences between NCLB and Common Core at the classroom level?

* How do we address the interdisciplinary goals of the Common Core State Standards?

* What are the roles and types of assessment that support learning with the Common Core State Standards?

* What is the state of the nation – a time line?

* What does the Common Core look like in the wild?

Many teachers tell us that providing targeted instructional content to each student based on his or her most critical areas of need is a top priority. With Acuity® Digital Instructional Resources , built exclusively for the comprehensive Acuity Common Core K–12 assessment solution, Educators can use valid and reliable data to select the most appropriate instructional resources that are fully aligned to the Common Core to reinforce, remediate, or enrich skills learned in the classroom.

For more information about how the Acuity solution can help you transition to the Common Core, visit CTB.com/Acuity.

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