Indiana Selects TASC as State’s Official High School Equivalency Exam

Great news! Last week Indiana Department of Workforce Development announced that they selected TASC™ (Test Assessing Secondary Completion™) as the state’s sole high school equivalency assessment for Indiana’s 15,000 annual test takers seeking a high school equivalency credential. This decision is part of a growing movement by states across the country to identify high-quality alternatives to the GED® that are more affordable and accessible for the 40 million U.S. adults who lack a high school diploma or equivalency. Earlier this year, the state of New York also selected TASC as its official high school equivalency assessment to serve its 50,000 annual test takers. TASC will be available for use in both states beginning in January 2014.

“The State of Indiana has been a strong, longstanding partner, and we are proud that it has chosen TASC to serve the thousands of annual test takers in the state who could greatly benefit from a more affordable and flexible alternative to the current high school equivalency exam,” said Ellen Haley, president of CTB/McGraw-Hill. “We know that 71 percent of jobs expected to show growth in 2016 will require post-secondary credentials. With TASC, we can help ensure Indiana residents meet future workforce needs.”

Built from the ground up, TASC provides newly developed and field-tested content that measures test takers’ level of achievement relative to that of graduating high school seniors and readiness for college and the workforce. The new test features a design that allows states to transition from the foundational concepts of the Common Core State Standards to a deeper alignment over a three-year period. In addition, TASC will be available as a paper-and-pencil exam as well as online, providing flexibility for test takers and allowing states to phase in computer-based testing at a pace that meets their students’ needs. TASC also allows states to follow the secure processes for administering the exam that they already have in place.

TASC assesses English language arts (including reading and writing), math, science, and social studies. It will be available in English and Spanish and in large print, Braille and audio versions.

More information on the TASC can be found at or on Twitter at @theTASCtest.

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