Common Core Resources to Help You Communicate Effectively

Like everything in life, communication is always key. We realize that with the shifts and changes taking place to our education standards in this country, there is a lot of material that administrators and educators will need to sift through in order to inform and communicate these new standards properly. Since its inception, CTB/McGraw-Hill has been working closely with members at state and national levels to develop curriculum, instructional resources and assessments aligned to the Common Core.

In an effort to help keep the lines of communication open and clear for everyone affected by these standards, we created a set of free resources to help explain what everybody needs to know about the Common Core. We suggest using these tools at meetings and presentations, to kick off teamwork sessions, and to enlist support throughout your educational system.

To download your free resource guide, click HERE.

Also, be sure to check out the following tools below for additional insight and understanding about the Common Core and how we can help.

VIDEO: Developing World Class Students for the 21st Century

Our short animated video shows how the Common Core will help students succeed in college and career.

INFOGRAPHIC: What EVERYONE Needs to Know About the Common Core State Standards

This infographic presents the basics of Common Core and depicts key activities to help prepare teachers and students for the changes ahead.

Infographic parts_Pt1

SAMPLE TEST ITEMS: English Language Arts and Mathematics

These Common Core sample test items include complex items such as performance tasks and extended constructed-response.

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