Guide Your Title l and Title lll Students Toward Academic English Language and Academic Success Using New Funding

The California School Board Association and the California Department of Education recently announced new budget allocations where schools will receive a base grant depending on average daily attendance (ADA) numbers. The target funding level is based on the statewide average revenue limit, and a commitment to get virtually all districts back to their pre-recession levels. What this means to schools is new funding will provide $6,845 for Grades K–3, $6,947 for Grades 4–6, $7,154 for Grades 7–8, and $8,289 for Grades 9–12. Additional supplemental grants will add 20 percent to these base grants for each English language learner student.

CTB/McGraw-Hill offers a variety of products designed to assist Charter Schools and Title I and Title lll students in supporting their academic English language proficiency and Common Core State Standards content needs.

LAS Links AEL (Academic English Learners)

CTB’s updated English language proficiency assessment, LAS Links® AEL, carefully considers the various language tasks that students may encounter in academic situations. This is ideal for our Title III students who either exit, or may be ready to exit, the bilingual program to ensure that their Academic English needs may be addressed. It is equally important for our Title I students to ensure mastery of the Common Core State Standards.

Writing Roadmap

 Writing Roadmap™ guides all students through the whole process of academic writing, developing their ability to communicate ideas and research fluently and successfully. To close achievement gaps, Writing Roadmap provides essential tools needed to master academic writing by integrating sentence structure, paragraph organization, grammar, mechanics, vocabulary, and the writing process.

TerraNova Common Core

It’s easy to discover exactly how ready your students are to meet Common Core State Standards. Simply administer TerraNova® Common Core, the only field-tested, valid, and authentic measure of the Common Core State Standards.


Acuity® is a Common Core K–12 comprehensive assessment solution that supports all students in their instructional improvement goals. Acuity enables teachers to use valid and reliable assessment data to inform their instruction and intervention plans to measure deeper levels of student understanding using embedded instructional resources.

Visit or contact me to learn more.

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