Upcoming Webinars and Solutions for Transitioning to the Common Core!

Tomorrow we are hosting two important webinars that we know you won’t want to miss! As the summer slowly comes to an end (you can hear us whimpering too), the race to get all your needs met for back to school is on! As educators, we know how crucial it is to be prepared. Plus, with the implementation of the Common Core State Standards, the expectations for success are much higher and making sure instruction and curriculum are aligned to these standards will be key.

Both TerraNova Common Core (link to guide) and Acuity Common Core are comprehensive solutions that will help teachers focus on what’s important without adding more work to their already busy schedules. Sign up for these webinars to learn how to we can help you.

TerraNova Common Core

Districts across the country use TerraNova Common Core to gauge how well students might perform on the upcoming Common Core state assessments. Results are available in seven days or less and reports are designed to show administrators, students, and teachers where they stand on the Common Core State Standards.

Quick Facts About TerraNova Common Core: 

• New item types, including integrated performance tasks and extended constructed  response items

• Partial credit given

• Aligned to Common Core State Standards

• Field tested in 2011 and fully research-based

• Data to show current achievement and growth

• State-to-state comparability

• Tests can be deployed twice annually to show growth

Arizona, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico and Washington educators:

Thursday, August 8

1–2 PM PDT
Register here!

For additional information about TerraNova Common Core, please visit CTB.com/TerraNovaCommonCore.


Register for a free Webinar to discover how Acuity can help you meet your instructional improvement goals in 2013–2014. Assessment Solutions Consultant Patrick Auguste will showcase:

• New Common Core-aligned content

• How to use Acuity as an online content delivery platform

• Performance Tasks and Rubrics enabling teachers to identify students’ strengths and areas for improvement

• Instructional Resources, now available in Spanish, that can be assigned to an individual or group of students

Connecticut Educators:

Thursday, August 8

11 AM – 12 PM EDT
Register here!

Massachusetts Educators:
Thursday, August 8
1–2 PM EDT
Register here!

For more information about Acuity, please visit CTB.com/Acuity.

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