TerraNova Common Core: New Content with Authentic Measurement

Like most changes, the transition to the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) certainly comes with a set of challenges. However, as it pertains to these new set of standards, the end result will be profound for education in this country. Ultimately, the implementation of the CCSS will prepare even our youngest students to use critical thinking and problem solving skills, while preparing them for college and a competitive global job market.

While national and state standards used to measure single subjects (at a time) with multiple choice test items, the new set of standards demands that students think “big picture.” Since teachers will (should) no longer be “teaching to the test,” Common Core aligned assessments, like the new TerraNova Common Core, feature innovative items that deliver an authentic measure of the higher order thinking skills and increased depth of knowledge highlighted by the CCSS.

TerraNova Common Core covers reading, English language arts, and mathematics for Grades 3–8, and features item types that go beyond traditional multiple-choice tests. On the same scale and all in the same test book, the test includes:

  •             Integrated Performance Tasks (PT)
  •             Constructed-Response (CR) items
  •             Extended Constructed-Response (ECR) items
  •             Multiple-Choice

Using one test, educators can compare student results, which are available in 7 days or less, on national and common core standards across grades and ability levels. All items have been developed and field-tested offering the most reliable and valid measure of any national achievement test in the market.

The bar has definitely been set high for teachers, and certainly, for students. For more information about how TerraNova Common Core can guide you in reaching your teaching goals and help students master these new standards, visit info.CTB.com/TerraNovaCommonCore

Ready for change? Watch our video  Developing World Class Students for the 21st Century to inspire you more!


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