Writing Roadmap: A Comprehensive Reporting System for Teachers

Writing Roadmap™ is an online writing tool that provides an effective way for students to practice and improve their writing while allowing teachers to measure and track writing proficiency for students in grades 3 through 12. Teachers can select writing assignments across five genres (persuasive, informative, expository, narrative, and argumentative) from CTB’s assignment library or they can create and use their own assignments. This targeted approach allows teachers to assign more essays and focus on specific areas students need to improve upon.

Following is a video tour of Writing Roadmap to show how easy it is for teachers to set up classes, construct writing assessments, create assignments, and provide feedback to students:


We’ve shown how Writing Roadmap can improve students’ writing skills, but what makes this solution so unique is its extensive reporting capabilities in three areas: graphical data mining reports, group technical reports and student reports. Teachers can get specific within these reports by using tags or codes. For students, reporting capabilities even include narrative feedback to help students improve their writing along with a growth report to track student progress over time.

Below is a detailed guide on Writing Roadmap’s comprehensive reporting system and how it can improve writing proficiency and help teachers track growth:

Questions about Writing Roadmap? Visit us at CTB.com/WritingRoadmap and, of course, follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

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