Academic English Language: Why It’s Important

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Academic English Language (AEL) is the language used in the classroom, in textbooks, and on tests. It is different than everyday spoken language in many respects, including vocabulary and structure. AEL has become accepted as the foundation for successfully completing high school, finishing college, and then moving on to a career.  However, many students struggle with AEL, preventing them from progressing.

One of the primary goals of the Common Core State Standards is to improve proficiency in AEL in all grade levels and raise the rankings of U.S. students compared to other countries. We’ve created an eGuide to help you understand the difference between Conversational and Academic English and help you understand how your students can become completely proficient in AEL.

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You will discover why students in the U.S. have fallen behind their counterparts around the world and how we can dramatically turn around the statistic by strategically incorporating AEL into your curriculum and into every subject, including Mathematics, Science, and Technology.

To download our eGuide, “From Conversational English to Academic English- One Word at a Time,” click HERE

To learn more about how CTB supports schools in an effort to improve Academic English Language, follow us on  Facebook and Twitter for updates on all of our AEL aligned resources, including regular webinars.

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