Common Core State Standards: What Every STUDENT Needs to Know

We’ve spent the past few months and weeks talking to our community about how educators can prepare for the Common Core State Standards and how CTB can help with this implementation. In addition to the information teachers need to know to make the transition an easy one, it’s important we take into consideration the efforts students will need to exhibit and the understanding of the expectations the CCSS will have upon them.

Simply put, the CCSS will require new, more rigorous academic expectations as far as curriculum and assessments.  Students will be required to:

  • Solve problems with more time, using a variety of tools
  • Demonstrate mastery of complex test items using a variety of answering techniques
  • Cite evidence, substantiate answers, and defend conclusions
  • Demonstrate technology, writing, and critical thinking skills

So again we ask: What does this mean?

Below are details about what every STUDENT needs to know and 7 things they can do NOW to get ready.

Infographic parts_Pt2

Infographic parts_Pt4

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