Common Core State Standards: What You Need to Know

Most states, school districts, and teachers are by now aware of the move to adopt the Common Core State Standards.  Here a few facts to bring you up to speed on the Common Core “big picture”:

  • 45,750,00 Students will take the tests starting in 2014
  • 2,972,000 Public school teachers will teach to the new standards
  • 89,890 Public school districts will participate
  • 45 States plus Washington D.C. and 4 territories will adopt the standards.

So, now what? What does it all mean and why are these core standards even important? The Common Core will challenge students to take learning to a new level while helping to prepare them for job and life success in a competitive workforce and world.

Below is a chart detailing the expectations for students and what areas and subjects the standards will cover.

Infographic parts_Pt3

Like any transition, being prepared is the key. As your partner in education, we want to provide you with simple information so that you are completely fluent with Common Core best practices. You can develop a plan according to where your school, district, and/or state falls within the implementation timeline.

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