TASC: The Newest High School Equivalency Exam from CTB/McGraw-Hill

TASC_Logo_horizAs a global leader in educational technology for learners of all ages, we’re excited to formally introduce an alternative assessment that provides access, quality and affordability for candidates interested in attaining a high school degree. The Test Assessing Secondary Completion (TASC), will measure Reading, Language Arts/Writing, Mathematics, Social Studies, and Science, with newly created content aligned to the Common Core State Standards.

CTB’s launch of the TASC™ addresses the desires of many states to provide a high school equivalency exam that is affordable and widely accessible.  While the exam will be available online, it can also be administered via paper-and-pencil and will allow states to use the secure processes for administering the exam they already have in place at existing test sites, (rather than using proprietary testing centers, which can cost the state more money).  The TASC will be available in English and Spanish and in large print, Braille and audio versions. The base price of the exam is $54 per student, which includes scoring and essential materials.

CTB has a rich history in developing assessments for the adult basic education market and has been working closely with states to gradually implement the Common Core concepts into curriculum and now assessments. Now, more than 40 states are considering alternatives to the current test.  New York is among the first states to select TASC as an alternative, and it will be made available to the New York adult learners beginning in January 2014.

In a press release, New York State Education Department (SED) Commissioner John B. King, Jr. said, “We need a more rigorous exam that reflects the change in the standards,” King said.  “A New York State equivalency test will help ensure access and rigor.  And we’re going to look at other pathways to high school equivalency.  The Regents’ goal is to ensure everyone has the opportunity to earn a high school diploma that reflects the skills and knowledge necessary to succeed in college and a career.”

Over the next few weeks and months, we will be sharing with you details about TASC and how your state and/or students might benefit from this alternative. As always, follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, to stay on top of this exciting development.

To read the full press release about the TASC, visit our newsroom and for more information about this product, visit CTB.com/TASC.

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One Response to TASC: The Newest High School Equivalency Exam from CTB/McGraw-Hill

  1. Eman Elsousi says:

    Can I take TASC as State’s official High School Equivalency Exam in California?

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