An Assessment Solution With an Integrated Standards-Based Learning Process

These days, when something good happens, but then it gets even better, it’s hard not to want to “update” the world from the rooftops (aka Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc). Well, we’re certainly no exception to this trend (so if you’re here to read a post in which we talk about how awful life is, you’ve come to the wrong place). In fact, we’re pretty much so excited about all the changes that are happening in educational technology, that we can’t help but share the innovations and updates we’re making to our own products, like Acuity…. Again!

Holly Bremerkamp (“the Acuity Lady”), has more information about about how the ways in which the “new” Acuity can help educators get a better picture of student performance and provide new opportunities:

New Opportunities

A comprehensive assessment model that covers the Depth of Knowledge (DOK) can help provide a more rounded understanding of student performance. Several upcoming and recently introduced features to Acuity support this DOK assessment model.  For example, an Acuity user can now take an existing text passage from the Acuity item bank and use that as the base for a customized assessment. Perhaps the text passage discusses the lifecycle of flamingos. You could create a custom test using existing items from the Acuity banks, create new items using the passage in the Acuity Item Authoring tool, and create a performance task that builds on the existing passage about flamingos—adding a discussion about environmental issues affecting flamingos in various regions where flamingos live. In the performance task the student can create a PowerPoint presentation in which they synthesize the information from the different passages and present a discussion of the effect that certain environmental changes might have on the flamingo population if left unchecked.

Students taking this custom test would complete most items using the online test taker.  Multiple choice items would be scored automatically, returning data almost instantly. Performance Tasks can be responded over a greater length of time, with the final PowerPoint document being uploaded by the student into Acuity.  Constructed response and performance task items will be scored by the educator in the manual scoring screen of Acuity, where they can access a rubric that has been created and stored, while viewing the student’s online written responses and uploaded documents. All of this can take place in a virtually paperless environment — you can score tests at home without having to lug home a pile of papers!

 Creating classroom assessments that span the DOK and contain multiple item types can help integrate standards-based learning processes smoothly into regular classroom practice. This helps you gain a well-balanced understanding of a student’s skills, strengths, and knowledge.

Holly Bremerkamp, the Acuity Lady

For more information about this comprehensive Common Core K-12 benchmark assessment solution and how we can help meet your instructional improvement goals in 2013, visit and be sure to follow the @TheAcuityLady on Twitter and Facebook to get up-to-date information.

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