Response to Intervention: Resources for Helping the Child with Learning Difficulties

We all know now that intervention, early intervention especially, is important for children who are struggling with learning. How educators identify and respond to these students and their needs is what determines the intervention as effective. By creating a multi-level prevention Response to Intervention (RTI) model, CTB has found a way to link assessment to instruction .  Using ongoing progress monitoring assessments, educators can quickly and appropriately identify student strengths and weaknesses and determine specific areas for targeted intervention.

CTB can power a data-driven approach to the RTI program  in your school and district so that you can CHOOSE the right solution for your students. Our solutions deliver opportunities for highly targeted needs-based intervention using universal screening options, diagnostic assessments, and instructional resources.

Here’s how our RTI solution works:


Tier 1:  Universal screening for all Students

TerraNova, Third Edition is an excellent example of how a district, school, or class can achieve sound baseline data relative to state of national performance metrics.  This information allows educators to identify students who would benefit from additional instructional intervention and are critical in early discovery of areas of potential need.  Assessments are designed to guide high-quality instruction.  Students in Tier 1, who are in need of targeted assistance, can be assessed more frequently with Writing Roadmap and by developing custom assessments within Acuity.

 Tier 2:  Progress monitoring and instructional resources

Acuity, Yearly ProgressPro, and Writing Roadmap are solutions uniquely developed to help educators further uncover strengths and areas of instructional need.  These solutions outline areas for more intervention targeted to specific student needs.  Yearly ProgressPro, as a curriculum-based measurement tool, provides frequent, short assessments with aligned instructional activities.

Tier 3: Highly targeted needs-based intervention

Yearly ProgressPro gives educators the necessary tools for highly intensive and individualized instructional intervention and research-based progress monitoring.

For more information on how your school and district can monitor progress, target instruction and improve achievement using our powerful RTI program, visit to download our free brochure.  Be sure to follow us on Twitter and Facebook for more up to date ideas and information.

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