If Practice Makes Perfect, Then Writing Roadmap Makes for a Perfect Practice!

Strong communication skills are critical in determining future success.  All professions and trades require not only qualified personnel, but people who have strong writing, listening, and speaking skills.  Like most skills, educators and scientists know that a skill, such as writing, is developed through practice. However, when educators are bogged down by administrative needs and have more students in their classrooms than ever before, are they able to provide enough opportunities for their students to practice and perfect their writing skills?

Not only will the new Common Core State Standards place a heavy focus on promoting strong writing skills, but currently, traditional exams such as college admissions exams, advanced placement exams, and many state assessments already emphasize writing effectively. CTB’s online writing program allows students to practice and improve their writing skills and for teachers to measure and track proficiency.

A recent study in West Virginia demonstrated that students using Writing Roadmap showed increased scores on state summative exams.  In addition, independent studies have shown that Writing Roadmap‘s automated essay grading software can meet or exceed the quality and consistency of human scorers.

Writing Roadmap 3.0 uses natural language processing and artificial intelligence to automate the essay scoring process. This allows teachers to dramatically increase more writing activities in their instruction. The amount of time that teachers spend administering and grading written exams, Writing Roadmap allows teachers to focus on what matters most–teaching.

Check out our recent video, which really captures how effective this assessment solution for writing is.

For more details about Writing Roadmap and how we can help you, visit us at CTB.com/WritingRoadmap and, of course, follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

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