CTB: Who We Are… In a Nutshell

CTB/McGraw-Hill was established in 1926 to “help the teacher help the child.” In this day and age, with a vested interest in becoming your assessment partner in education, our mission grows even broader: To help states, districts, teachers, and, of course, students move through an evolution of educational challenges and innovations, including online assessments. Our award-winning programs encompass this shift, offering diagnostic, summative, interim and formative, performance-based, and observational assessments. With high-quality and scientifically advanced reporting, scoring, and data management tools, CTB/McGraw-Hill is proud to be a global leader in educational technology for learners of all ages.

Great, you say. But WHO are you and what do we need to know? Well, check out out a recent video that really sums up CTB and our role in education technology.

From our individual diagnostic assessments for K-2, to a web-delivered assessment that scores writing, to awards for our Acuity Solution for Best Student Assessment Solution, CTB has a history rich in story, and even richer in success.

For more details about who we are, visit Our Heritage Timeline and, of course, follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

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