Online Assessment eGuide: 5 Reasons to Download it Now!

We get it: With the school year in full swing and your schedule busier than ever, the idea of more materials to add to the stack of “must reads” sounds dreadful. But with the transition to the Common Core State Standards on the horizon, and an ever changing and competitive academic landscape, it’s important that educators take the time (when they can get it) to evaluate what their needs are as far as the tools they need to meet these standards and improve student progress.

Online assessments can connect students and teachers directly to online instructional resources that can help students overcome specific shortcomings—and they can connect the student to these resources immediately, enabling the student to focus directly on those areas that need additional support. By investing in new resources and educational-based technologies, CTB is prepared for change. With the emergence of the Common Core State Standards, the transition from traditional paper-and-pencil based assessments to online assessments is garnering significant attention from the K-12 public education sector.

We realize there’s a lot at stake for instructors and understand the challenges they face when thinking about the transition. In addition to crossing that “Give up coffee” resolution of your list, (Something’s got to give!), we suggest using our eGuide to help you understand how online assessment solutions, aligned with these standards, can help focus your instruction and boost overall student achievement.  Our eGuide is intended to serve as a resource to help you find answers to many of the questions that accompany this transition.

Here are 5 simple reasons you need to download this now:

1)    Online assessments do what other tests can’t do. Discover the benefits of online assessments and the opportunities that technology provides which hasn’t been possible with traditional paper-and-pencil assessments.

2)    Find what works for you. Understand the many different kinds of assessments (formative assessments, interim/benchmark assessments, -performance assessments, summative assessments, through-course assessments) and how each type relates to online administration.

3)    Innovative and breakthrough technology. Learn about a virtuous feedback system that allows data to be collected and analyzed immediately—enabling instructors to focus directly on specific areas and identify student needs.

4)    Let us be your guide. Get a roadmap on how your district or school can transition to online assessments with our step-by-step guide.

5)    Less clutter!!! Like we said earlier, who needs more material on their desk?! This easy to use and easy to understand guide tells you everything you need to know without requiring a 2 day seminar and a 2 day clean up.

So, what are you waiting for? Download the Online Assessment eGuide today!

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