Common Core State Standards: Let Us Be Your Guide

We’ve heard from many districts, schools, administrators and teachers that the transition to the Common Core State Standards feels overwhelming. With all the new curriculum and shifts in assessments, educators want to feel like their instruction is aligned to the standards and assessments.  In an effort to provide a plan to help prepare our nation’s schools for a new set of assessments, expected to be implemented by 2014, CTB/McGraw-Hill has released a comprehensive eGuide, “Getting from Here to Core: How to Launch the Program that Launches Students.”  Developed by experts at CTB, the nation’s leading educational assessment partner, the guide delivers a clear roadmap for schools to effectively and smoothly shift to the Common Core standards and assessments.

The step-by-step guide includes top educational resources, information and tools geared towards helping educators transition with confidence and ease.  Many of our products, including TerraNova Common Core ,Acuity InFormative Assessment™CoreLink Services and Writing Roadmap 3.0, are Core-aligned and serve as effective instruction and assessment solutions that can be used in a variety of functions and ways. The eGuide provides a comprehensive explanation of how these tools can be best utilized to maximize student performance within the context of the new standards.

The guide’s contents include:

  • A set of sample Common Core test items in English and math
  • An outline to help schools plan their journey toward meeting the Common Core
  • A look at how CTB can help with the transition process

To learn more about how CTB supports schools as they transition to the Common Core, please visit and follow us on Facebook and Twitter for updates on all of our Common Core aligned resources, including regular webinars.

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